About Us

At Inspector Pros we set out to change the Home Inspection Industry by creating an interactive inspection where our clients are encouraged to ask questions and follow the inspector along the process. We believe a home inspection is more than just a list of deficient items.  We do not want to be just your home inspector we want to be your home consultants. After your first service with us you are our clients for life.  


Why Choose Us

Buy your Home Back Gurantee

We participate in the InterNachi buy back guarantee. If we miss anything in the InterNachi Standards of Practice InterNachi will buy your home back. 

Same Day Reporting Gurantee

Our Reports will be delivered same day or we will reimburse you $100.

Highly Trained Inspectors

All of our inspectors come highly trained and are required 5 Continuing education hours per month.  

No Charge Roll Backs

There are times when a single component cannot be inspected. For instance roof could not be accessed because of inclement weather. Once the weather clears up we will roll back at no additional charge.

First Time Home Buyer Friendly 

We know that buying a home is such a confusing  and daunting task. We strive to make sure first time home buyers are fully aware of every step in the inspection process. We also break down our reports with illustrations, easy to understand language, and are personally available when a questions may arise. 

More than Just a home inspection

After your home inspection your not left alone. We are personally available should a question or concern arise. 

Owner/Professional Inspector

John Raley 

TREC License#25876

New Mexico #HIB-2023-0003

InterNachi# NACHI22082125



First and foremost I am a proud husband and father, my wife Daisy and I have been married since 2013. My beautiful daughter Angela was born in 2017. We are avid campers and outdoor people. Its not uncommon for us to be out hiking or fishing.  My wife and I purchased our 1st home in 2013 and within a few years we started having issues.  This is what led me to get into the home inspection industry. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have had a home inspection conducted on my newly built home. I want to help others avoid this experience.  I also believe we are more than just home inspectors we are home consultants. Allow me to be your home consultant. 

Owner/Professional Inspector

Bobby Raley 

TREC License#25873

InterNachi# NACHI22090202

My fascination with home construction started off at a early age for me. My dad being in construction  and later a handyman, he used to take me along on job sites. At the time I saw it as him getting cheap labor out of me. Now I see it as his way of teaching me the trade. I had helped him with building several houses throughout the years. The knowledge I’ve gained from that was very valuable.  Let me inspect your home to make sure it is safe for you and your family.